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Watch this video and more on Intuition Daily Lite

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  • Manifestation exercise

    A do-able easy exercise to find and save more money as you spend.

    Breathing exercise to clear and open avenues to specific manifestations; opening the channels to you divine self. Expanding in compassion and receiving in gratitude. Using a glass box to represent the money to receive.


  • Easy home clearing

    We are tied to our home even when we're not there. After grounding and centering of your energy, the exercise leads through a home clearing. By using an object in your hand, this represents your home.Using the violet laser beam, to clear your home for what you no longer need.


  • Removing Blocks

    Get into your heart space - the most effective place to heal and release. Go into your creation room, with your Higher Self, you are guided to messages and the best method to clear your blocks and open your path.