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Do you have 5 minutes to recollect your self or are you looking to fill 5 hours of free time with some priceless teachings from the upper dimensional realms of existence that will connect you to and help you learn to more freely ,, fwrOR you could have 5 hours to burn in a day... Either way, get tuned in FAST to your Higher Self with Marisa's attuned music, Healing infused videos, programmed teaching tools and music files as well as channeled audio files and her amazing Journeys into the realms the no other current day spiritual teachers even come close to teaching obout.

The Meditations rrare edited versions of her mediations channeled in Wednesday Night Meditations.

The amazing thing about the recordings as well as the lessons that we have made available to you here on Intuition Daily Living is that the energy from the live event is almost stored in the file so it feels like you are doing a group mediation, live with Marisa and up to 580,000 people and becuase of that it makes it easier to stay focused and the energies are synergized so that more healing takes place with out your having to even visualize or DO anything.

Just commit to your self to listen to one recording a day or watch one lesson and your life will start to get better and better.

Meditation is no joke, many suffer from depression when they start meditation and this is what drove Marisa to make this safe space for her students and clients who have just had healings or readings and then do not know what to do next. The site is simple but even the most advanced person on the planet needs to work the inner child, the ego, and the emotional body ... no one is perfect and the more we grow the more we find we need to fine tune.

Please enjoy the site and let us know if you have suggestions for certain topics or healings you would like to get from listening to these one of a kind channeled straight from the 12th dimension meditations, attuned songs, and lessons.

Just remember.... When consciously asking to l clear your energy, you are attuning to your Life Force and strengthening your connection to your REAL Higher Self that created Source and put you inside of it!

When you stay connected to and INSIDE Source it is impossible to get angry, sad, or depressed. This is why we are so proud to offer this site to you because when you disconnect from this space inside source, this app/site will take you back to where you need do be in the matter of minutes or less.

The reason? When you can learn to stay in an expanded state of mind for longer than a few minutes, your mind begins to recalibrate and your life changes almost immediately.

I tell students to give meditation a 21 day shot at changing life "as they know it" ..... So, I challenge you with the same! Please let me know what you need from me, I am always around do not hesitate to reach out at or 760-41-7621 (text is best)

They say it is only through a daily meditation practice that you can begin to really create a life you love. What I have done is made it easy for you!! The great thing is that your meditation can be 2 minutes when you listen here on my site because all of the videos and audios are programmed with frequencies that will take you into the heart and into the mind of your soul.

Try it out for free! I have given you 30 days for free! If your life is not different after 21 days of my meditations then cancel the membership... give yourself the chance to shine in this life!

See you Inside of Source,

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