45 to 1 hour

  • Light Tube Meditation + exercise 7.2018

    Meditation using the Light Tube with assistance from our 'Original Angelic self'.
    Exercise to feel energy of an inanimate object.


  • I am reiki Master July 2018 - ACTIVATE YOUR DNA

    Reiki Master class: learning techniques to work with clients
    All new information delivered by Marisa in conjunction with Reiki Master.
    Using Master Reiki symbol; working from within a person and their compassionate witness to quickly heal. An example is shown. Marisa reveals, for the first tim...

  • Soul House 2 Meditation, 2018

    Part 2 of 8 to the Soul House series, 2018.

    This week are learning to navigate the astral planes... the MOST confusing part of spirituality because it's a copy of reality.... so learning to discern truth from tricksters is super important and can mean the difference of your higher self allo...

  • Soul House 3, 2018

    Part 3 of 8 to the Soul House series, 2018.

    This is the meditation and super-charged healing from class ... Manifestation block removing meditation!

    Each week we do Channeled Message, Meditation, Healing, Attunement to the I am Self, and we meet a new layer of self (soul, spirit, higher se...

  • Soul House 4 Meditation 2018

    Part 4 of 8 to the Soul House series,2018.

    This week we will be entering into the ethers where the soul plane, the spirit guides, the archangels and Christ live! This is where you, a soul, come from! Find out what a soul group is and how you can know if someone is your soul mate! Get down to t...

  • Soul House 7 - Clearing the Clutter in your Life and Egg Technique

    Part 7 of 8 to the Soul House series, 2018
    (One of MY favorites!!)
    * Before the meditation write down three problems you want to get rid of and write them down.
    THE egg carton exercise using law of correspondance

    Each week we do Channe...

  • Hay House Radio Show - Complete

    11 videos